Business creates employment

Business creates employment

Finland lives in times of change. Uncertain economic prospects and structural changes in traditional industries, as well as ageing population and declining number of entrepreneurs put us between a rock and a hard place. How do we maintain the welfare of our society? How do we ensure economic growth after times of slow down?

Despite all expectations, PM Jyrki Katainen’s coalition government has been able to make important decisions - some have been less pleasant, yet all the more necessary. In order to boost our competitiveness, the government has agreed on measures that aim to increase employment, prolong careers, cut public expenses and increase overall productivity. One of the more important decisions was the lowering of corporate tax as of the beginning of this year, allowing entrepreneurs more possibilities to further develop their businesses and employ more workforce. Only profitable and growing businesses are able to create new employment.

The foundation of our welfare is in work and generating new employment our most important task. Businesses are the creators of that work. A recent analysis by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy shows that new job creation concentrates in small and medium-sized enterprises. Supporting the creation of employment opportunities makes for great politics of the future.

Although, our appreciation of businesses is not where it should be, there is a clear trend towards the positive. Young people are becoming more and more interested in trying their wings as entrepreneurs. We must foster this enthusiasm. Also, we must not envy or dispirit any success. Instead, we need to learn to rejoice it.

We have to ensure that entrepreneurs are able to fulfil their business ideas. It is our task as policymakers to pass responsible policies, to ensure proper structures and favourable conditions for businesses to thrive. In other words, we must create stability and predictability for businesses, for instance, through sensible tax policies. We need to create a business friendly climate and encourage entrepreneurship.

The National Coalition Party’s Parliamentary Group has begun a round of hearings to learn how entrepreneurs perceive their possibilities of doing business in Finland. It is important to listen to voices at home and from abroad. All ideas and concerns on how to further develop the business climate are heard and eventually applied in policy making. More information available at (in Finnish).

I encourage you to take part in the events or contact us at the parliamentary group with your ideas. If you share, we will listen.

Together we can make Finland a place where businesses feel comfortable. We need to become a country that fosters entrepreneurial minds and creativity. Innovations turn into products and services, and spawn new businesses. Where conditions permit, businesses will see to the dynamics of this positive cycle.